Electro-Hydraulic Slip Rings

Hydraulic swivels are precision components designed to transfer fluid from a stationary source to a rotating piece of machinery. Alpha can provide rotary union-slip ring combination units in a single self-contained, multimedia rotational assembly. Our rotary unions are custom-built to your exact specifications and application requirements.

Depending on customer and application requirements, Alpha can provide slip rings and rotary unions as an integrated unit, semi-integrated or as two separate units designed to perform together in synchronization.


 The slip ring sits within the steel housing and is sealed with a steel top plate.

• Compact

• Fewer parts

• Very rugged enclosure


 The base casting of the slip ring sits directly on top or bottom of the hydraulic swivel.

• Reduced height

• Maintenance accessibility

• No mouting tube


Two separate, individual units

• Easily Separated

• Mounting tube can be lengthened to preference

• Reduced heat transfer between unites

Alpha Electro-Hydraulic Slip Ring

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